Spreading Fortune

A US based non-profit organization dedicated to helping the poorest people in the world get out of poverty by giving them economic opportunity.

A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
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Our Message

Most of us in the US have incredibly fortunate lives compared to the rest of the world. While we have worked hard for what we have, we must recognize that there are many people in the world who have also worked hard without the same results. Indeed, we have benefitted greatly from the collective acts of many who came before us. They have built a system and nation that has made our great lives possible. Each and every one of us is very lucky to be here.

There are many people in the rest of the world who are incredibly poor. Many starve to death. Many more are chronically hungry. Many men, women and children have no opportunity to improve their lives. The reality for them is that there is no economic opportunity, no system or nation in place for them to succeed. This is no fault of their own. It is simply a result of being born into the wrong circumstances.

Our mission is to help these people. In the short term, people need economic opportunity to improve their financial situations. We will help by providing funds for them to start a small business, a trade or a career which will bring them a steady stream of income. We will help them learn to fish, so to speak. Long term, however, their community/system/nation needs an educated populace. Education is the key to long-term prosperity and will bring economic opportunity to future generations. Accordingly, those who benefit from our organization must vow to educate their children and stress the importance of strong performance in school to them. Finally, for those who manage to work their way out of poverty, we will ask that they spread this good fortunate to others if they are able.

In summary, we believe that education and economic opportunity are the pillars of prosperity. It is our mission to help spread the good fortune some of us have to those without any. We hope you will help.